A treasure trove awaits the Gold Coast in October: National Garage Sale Trail

My father looooooooves garage sales. I have childhood memories of him rushing out to be the first person to get the paper, circling the sales he wanted to go to and then mapping out a route in the refidex. Us three kids would be bored senseless, but every now and then he’d throw us a bone. Usually a book. A tattered and weary old book that someone else’s kids no longer wanted.

Personally, I find rummaging through garage sales tickles my voyeuristic fancy. Seeing what my neighbours are getting rid of gives me an insight into their lives. And you never know. They might just be turfing out a pair of Doc Martens in my size.

If you also have a thing for garage sales, I have very good news for you. Thanks to the support of Cr Glenn Tozer, the Garage Sale Trail is again coming to the Gold Coast as part of its massive day of garage sales happening right across Australia.

Last year there were 8000 garage sales engaging 350,000 people across 150 local council areas. Households, community groups and schools get a heap of resources to help market their sales on the day and it’s completely free for sellers and shoppers.

“You can hold a sale as a household, street, community group, school, charity or even as a local business,” organisers say. “You can make money for yourself, or fundraise for a cause.”

“For shoppers – it’s truly the way to find the treasure in your neighbourhood,” they say.

It’s estimated that more than 3 million items could be up for sale and last year you could buy anything from designer shoes to a house.

It’s the biggest community and sustainability event in Australia and it will be right here, on the Gold Coast on 24 October.

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Garage Sale Trail hits the Gold Coast (and the nation) on Saturday 24 October | more at garagesaletrail.com.au

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