About Us

Blank is the Gold Coast’s independent cultural voice – a monthly street press dedicated to dishing up the best of the Gold Coast’s music, art, food, culture and more.

Driven by a genuine desire to tell the stories of the people who make the Gold Coast awesome, we try to keep things as simple as possible, by telling the stories that need to be told about the city’s emerging cultural practitioners and music, art and lifestyle news with a difference

Launched in print in December 2013, we have grown our community to include around 24,000 readers (in print) every month, with an additional 30,000+ online. Since inception we have reached around 40% of the Gold Coast population on our web statistics alone. But our reach goes further than that.

With a writing team that includes novice, amateur and emerging writers as well as experienced music, culture and lifestyle journalists and a management team with a strong belief in community engagement, we are proud to be Gold Coast and we are fiercely independent.

Who we are
Blank was founded by Samantha Morris (pictured, right) and Chloe Popa (left) both with prior careers in conservation, NGO management, community engagement and regional NRM. Sick to death of the boring stereotypes associated with the Gold Coast, they decided to take matters into their own hands – to capture the best bits of the Gold Coast to share them with people who care about community, sustainability and culture.

Amanda Gorman (pictured centre) came on board soon after launching and manages our partnerships, which includes (but is not limited to) advertisers. Natalie O’Driscoll is our Cultural Editor, most senior writer and our office manager (the fact that we don’t have an office had never deterred her).

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