Album Review: Dead Letter Circus | Aesthesis

Aesthesis which means sensuous perception, is the highly anticipated third studio album from Brisbane band Dead Letter Circus – the title suiting this album title to a T.

The first thing that strikes me about this album is the powerful and emotive lyrics: far more direct than ever before. Lead vocalist Kim Benzie is known for his somewhat controversial anti-establishment lyrical material and in the case of Aesthesis, the album prompts a stirring within to be more perceptive of what is happening around us.

The track Silence is inspired by a shocking true story of sexual abuse that hits close to home for frontman Kim Benzie. Benzie revealed, he wrote the song inspired by the true story of a friend, who’d confided in him about being molested when they were younger.

Confessing the sense of injustice he felt about the perpetrator never being brought to justice took Benzie to a very dark place during the writing process, which resulted in some of Dead Letter Circus’s most powerful lyricals yet, something very apparent in this album.

Emotion has always been the foundation‘s of Dead Letter Circus’s appealm which they have truly embraced in this album. As Benzie said, “the journey of Aesthesis for the band was a process of remembering what it truly felt like to create music from the heart without barriers imposed by the mind.”

Aesthesis, a more radio-ready sound for Dead Letter Circus, evident by the commercial success of While You Wait, is filled with spacious and uplifting progressive rock and is definitely worth a listen.

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