Album review: Fractures | I’m Still Here

Melbourne man Mark Zito or Fractures has just released his debut album I’m Still Here. An ode to his fans, and himself, after having to cancel shows due to a serious neck injury. The album is full of heartfelt ballads with brooding undertones and electronic beats keeping the songs modern and current.

Withold kicks off the album with beefy drum beats carrying soft melancholy piano chords until Fractures sweet vocals enter. It’s a perfect start giving a taste of how the rest of the album will pan out. Alchemy takes the listener to a more upbeat note showcasing Zito’s ability to shift the beat while keeping a nostalgic mood. Time Frame holds back on the production a little focusing on clean electric guitar licks and lullaby-like vocals. The lyrics “did you say in a hushed tone, maybe I was dreaming, I’ve been hearing things you don’t say, living in a time frame,” showcase more vulnerability than the rest of the songs on the album.

All in all Fractures new album is a great debut and while it won’t be the album you hear blaring at a club, it’s the one that you’ll listen to on a rainy day reminding you of the broken heart you had at 17 or the one you’re experiencing right now. And that, for me is a sign of cracking the musical jackpot.

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