Album review: Ironbark | The Waifs

Nailed it. The Waifs began writing this album by asking themselves what their fans would want and here you have exactly that. Ironbark is a fitting celebration of 25 years making music for The Waifs. The two disc set delivers 25 songs which showcase the incredible song writing talents of Josh, Donna and Vikki. Recorded in 2 weeks in a makeshift studio in Josh’s home, the album carries an earthy, spontaneous vibe.

The songs tell stories and paint pictures in a seemingly effortless way. From the simple and stripped back The Shack to topical and eerie Syria. Ironbark runs through a variety of tempos, instrumentation, genres and topics.

Opening track Ironbark warmly welcomes you back to The Waifs’ sound and gives you a sense of the wisdom that has been accrued by the three over the last 25 years. Sugar Mama provides fun and cheekiness. While from its opening line, ‘someone’s got to wear a dress around here’, the country style of Take Me To Town carries a cheeky and mischievous vibe.

Ironbark is 25 tracks long yet maintains the same level of energy, emotion and interest all the way through. It makes the prospect of the upcoming tour that much more enticing.


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