Album review: Migration | Bonobo

Surprisingly inspiring, that’s my nutshell review of Migration, the latest release from British producer Bonobo, aka Simon Green.

Migration is the first track immediately creating both mood and ambience. Bonobo says of the album, “my own personal idea of identity has played into this record and the theme of migration. Is home where you are or where you are from, when you move around?”

This worldly and nomadic concept is evident throughout, particularly with tracks like Bambro Koyo Ganda. With its very tribal feel and vocals from Innov Gnawa this track takes you far from home yet 7th Sevens is unmistakably Bonobo and would have been at home on any of his previous albums.

Kerala, the first single released, carries rapturous harmonies beneath almost angelic voices – it’s been at number one on the Spotify Global Viral Chart and has been downloaded over 4.5 million times. Bonobo’s talent for progressive house grooves and layering is evident in the track No Reason which features Nick Murphy (Chet Faker).

I tend to think of this music as pleasant background music and many Bonobo songs are included on my yoga and pilates class playlists. When I first listened to this album though it kept my attention. Migration makes you want to move, whether it’s just your attention, your body or to new lands and it’s well worth a listen.

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