Album review: Sabrina Lawrie | Hush The Mountain

Album ‘Hush the Mountain’ by Brisbane riff mistress Sabrina Lawrie has been out for a while, but it definitely deserves more attention.

We were first introduced to Sabrina Lawrie live, and heard the album subsequently. Unlike some artists, the album lives up to what she does on stage, and vice versa.

To put it in simple terms, Lawrie rocks, as does the album right from its first track, ‘No Rules’. Melodic and soul-searching, the songs on this piece of work invite listeners to take a flight above the earth and watch what’s going on below. Second track ‘High Time to Fly’ does so quite literally, while third song ‘Stand to Reason’ has a more mellow acoustic feel.

The vinyl is a quality piece of work, and comes with a download for an extra secret track.  On the second side our favourites were ‘Shine the Light’, ‘Little Red House’, and ‘Hush the Mountain’.

Sabrina’s vocals are so strong, powerful and uplifting – think PJ Harvey meets Siouxie Sioux – and the song ‘Headgames’ really showcases her versatility. Psych rock, blues, rock, you name it: Lawrie has been playing in bands in the underground scene in Brisbane since she was 15 (yes, that’s right – 15). She also booked bands at the now-defunct Beetle Bar.

This album comes after an amazing turn in life for this mum of of one. In 2016 as she was getting material together for the album (it is 8 years of work in total), she fell 4 metres from her drummer’s balcony onto a concrete driveway breaking her back, and in the recovery she discovered where she wanted to be. ‘Hush The Mountain’ is the result.

Sabrina is back in the studio working on a new album, and we’re looking forward to hearing where she goes next. Live or in the can, she can make mountains move.

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