Album Review: The Polaroids | I Love Loving You (single)

In some circles there is a trend to celebrate the end of a marriage by having a ‘divorce party’. Instead of the acrimony and alimony of the law courts, the betrothed separate amicably and invite friends and family to join in the celebration. I guess being in a band is a bit like being in a marriage. Well… sort of.

Gold Coast group The Polaroids have been playing around the coast for the past year – the Loft, the Soundlounge, Currumbin Creek Tavern – as well as winning 2014’s Expressive Grounds Battle of the Bands. But they have decided to call it quits, in a good way, by releasing a song to show appreciation to all the people who have supported them during their time.

Celebrating with all who came, saw, listened and danced to their merry tunes, I Love Loving You carries on their Beatle-ish, Blur-esque, brit-pop style of music – light, feel-good, love-love-me-do’s.

“I can say with certainty that I’m in love with her and she’s in love with me / It’s the way you tuck your hair behind your ears / It’s the way you make a grey sky clear / It’s love that makes this lyric true / I love loving you / Oh I do”

It skips along joyfully without sounding frivolous and fluffy, with clever sounds from front man Elliot Bligh. He is already gathering his tools and troops for his next project, which may go a little deeper.

“A more polished new-age/brit-pop sound that owes more to Muse or The Killers,” says Elliot.

I’m looking forward to it and will be keeping an eye and an ear out for what this talented lad creates next.

But hey, there’s nothing wrong with skipping along on sunshine in the meantime. Or rhyming ‘weather’ with ‘together’. I love loving you, a nice little slice of pure pop.

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