Album Review: Tokyo Beef | 4220

Tokyo Beef are a band based in Burleigh, and their latest release proudly is the suburb’s postcode 4220. ‘The Beef’ have gone through many transitions and members over the years but still their hard rocking, driving pumping sound survives. It’s reminiscent of 1980’s surf-punk-pub sound, but still has extremely catchy hooks, and parts where you just can’t help but sing along.

Graeme Trenor, songwriter and driving force of the band has stepped up to the mic to be lead vocalist as well, and the result is pretty damn good.

Opening track It Ain’t Weak to Speak is dedicated to the charity Livin who are all about suicide prevention, especially among young men, and the message is delivered brilliantly, the chorus is so catchy you must sing.

Idiot Box and Livin it Up have great touches of 1980’s punk and skate punk, with stories of everyday life. I even hear touches of The Meatmen in there, especially the ‘whoa’ sing alongs. They transition many genres, but hard rocking screaming guitars are the order of the day: Spy v Spy, Husker Du, Screaming Tribesmen, even a touch of Celibate Rifles, and strangely enough I here the New York Dolls. Especially in the track Outlaw.

You like it rocking? You like singing along? Better get some Tokyo Beef in your diet, straight outta 4220.

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