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Dead Books and their psychedelic rock and blues are beginning to infect some of the best live music venues on the Gold Coast. So this Locke Fitzpatrick sat down with them to have a chat about their past, present, and where they think their psychedelic tunes are going to take them in the future.
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After breaking onto the scene in 2012 with their debut single Bad Blood, lead guitarist Corey Kearns tells me that it all came about because they really just needed a song.

“Bad Blood was first, which we just recorded here [Luna Audio in Varsity] with a crappy little desk thing that I have, and that was pretty much just so we could put a song on the internet and say we were a band,” he said.

A year after the band was established with Bad Blood, Dead Books released their self-titled EP, which was recorded live in less than six hours. Another year down the track, and we arrive at today, well, last week really, which marked the third big release from Dead Books in the form of twin single Vice/Virtue.

Laura Cook is the band’s lead vocalist and she told Blank that Dead Books have found their sound.

“I guess naturally as a band goes on you find your sound and you fine tune things and you see what you like and what you don’t like, and I think those two (Vice/Virtue) are a good indication of where we are trailing off to,” says Cook.

Dead Books have developed and changed since their debut in 2012; by losing two members and gaining another. It’s no wonder, then, that their sound has changed with them. And as they continue to evolve, Dead Books is coming closer and closer to finding the sound that they’re really looking for.

Vice/Virtue is a big step towards music that we are pretty comfortable and happy with,” Corey tells me. “From inside the band’s perspective, that sound, and anything that can sort of come around that sound, is pretty close to it.”

Listen: Vice

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