Atticus Chimps Set To Detonate Cracking New Single

Gold Coast three piece rock monsters, Atticus Chimps, are all set to unleash their impressive new single, ‘Bee Stung Lips’, which will be officially unveiled when the band play the Surfers Paradise Beergarden on 25 May.

Forming in late 2015, the past few years has seen the band settle on a permanent line up as they’ve gone about steadily nailing their studio chops to capture the big, bold sound that is the band’s trademark in the live arena.

‘Bee Stung Lips’ boldly takes the band forward, building impressively upon their grungy, heavy rocking template with a rousing, riff driven belter that brings to mind the best of the 90’s grunge-explosion era.

Here’s what the band had to say about it, as well as giving us an insight into their upcoming schedule..

Can you tell us a bit about the genesis and recording of your banging new track, Bee Stung Lips?

The song was written after the band decided it was time to take our sound into a heavier, riff based direction. Our front man had been binge listening to Royal Blood for a week straight and this song was the result. It was recorded by Brock Weston at Bedlam Records with a minimal amount of overdubs, to give it that raw sound of a live performance.

You’ll be launching it at the Surfers Beergarden on 25 May. Are you touring or playing any other shows as well around this time? And how did your recent East Coast tour go?

We’re also launching the single at The Bloodhound Bar in Brisbane on the 31st of May. We want to have another tour organised by the end of the year, but some things need to be put in place before we can do that. Our last tour was pretty mental. All three of us ran out of money three days in and had to borrow off family members. We played some great shows and some not so great shows. Overall it was definitely worthwhile and an important experience for the band.

What else is on the horizon for Atticus Chimps for the rest of 2018?

We’ll be releasing four more songs in the coming months, then jumping back into the studio at the end of the year to record again. The pedal is finally about to hit the metal and we’re not going to ease off.

Atticus Chimp officially launch their new single, ‘Bee Stung Lips’ at the Surfers Paradise Beergarden on 25 May, as well as playing the Bloodhound Bar in Fortitude Valley on 31 May.

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