Glenn Tozer

When he's not helping run the best city in the world (Gold Coast, in case you're unaware), Glenn loves music. He co-produces Summertime Sessions in the Village with the awesome Polly Armstrong, hosts house gigs and negotiates tours locally with Woodfordia’s regional tour Festival of Small Halls, chips in at the Gold Coast Music Awards advisory board, and champions a variety of arts and culture programming in the Hinterland and greater city. Since 2009 he has been a director (on and off a little) of Juice Media Limited, who broadcast community radio with Juice 107.3FM. Once upon a time he sang songs in Pentecostal and Baptist churches. He still sings in the shower and the car sometimes, or after he's had a few responsible beers. He likes to write for Blank GC in his spare time, for fun. Yes, that's all a bit strange. He doesn't care if you judge him, and particularly not if you buy him a beer while you do it.

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