Behind the art behind the sport behind the art

Even if you were one of the sad few who didn’t manage to get to a Bleach* Festival event this year, you probably saw some of the artwork, either on your social media or one of the ubiquitous programs scattered throughout the Gold Coast’s hotspots. The interface of sport and art was the theme for this year’s event, and the main event design showed extremes of human physicality, a blur of figures stretched to capacity.

Gold Coast Agency Guerilla was responsible for the eye-catching design campaign, and the questions they had to ask themselves was: What might the love child of art and sport look like?

Working closely with world-renowned photographer, Peter Theideke, the team used high speed photography and a high performance trampoline to capture Bleach* performers from dance and theatre companies in physical expressions of strength, passion, power, risk, grace, endurance and beauty.

The arresting images featured across the entire suite of Festival communications, and offered festival-goers an expressive and vivid taste of the 2017 Bleach* Festival experience.

Guerrilla has worked with Bleach* since its inception in 2012, creating work that reflects the innovative and artistic spirit of the Gold Coast’s premier arts festival. One can only imagine what heights they’ll achieve for next year’s campaign.

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