Big Scrub Rainforest + Beer


The Big Scrub used to be the largest tract of subtropical rainforest in Australia. Now less than one percent remains. And those remains are scattered between the towns of Byron Bay, Lismore and Ballina.

What’s left of the Big Scrub rainforest is a potent reminder of the importance of protecting our own back yard. And it’s with that theme that Byron-based brewers Stone & Wood have launched their “new age” lager, dubbed Big Scrub.

I’m not gonna pretend to know how to talk about beer, so I’ll quote them directly. The lager “balances the subtle malt foundation with a firm bitterness and dry finish… different to tradition lagers by bing dry hopped and left unfiltered.”

Big Scrub is just one beer in Stone & Wood’s Beers from our Backyard range. And if you like rainforest, you should make a diary note that Big Scrub Rainforest Day – one of the biggest and longest running environmental events in Australia – takes place on Sunday 16 October with Bob Brown as special guest.

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