BIGSOUND 2018: Day 3 music highlights

Ahhh, night 3, also known as Night of the Free Range Mullet. Long, short, curly, straight, men, women, authentic, affectations. Mullets all, in all their glory. A slightly slower night tonight although no less exciting. Join us, dear reader, for the final lap o’the Valley for BIGSOUND 2018.




What an absolute blast. Three veteran rockers with nothing to lose and nothing to prove whipping the sardine-packed Drive In to a frenzy. They were having a ball with more energy than youngsters half their age. After a few of their newer tracks – harder, faster, louder than their old stuff – they asked the crowd for what they really wanted to hear. No surprises it was ‘Black Bugs’ and a huge ‘! (The Song Formerly Known As)’ to finish with a slight diversion via the opening riffs to ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ which sounded brilliant. With their 20th anniversary next year it is clear the ‘Gurg are not finished with their fans yet.




Are you sitting down? Ok, picture this: a voice like one of the Gallagher brothers, a sound like The Prodigy (with lots more electronica), the lead vocalist in boardies, Converse hi-tops and a denim jacket and the lead guitarist shredding like a man possessed. And they’re Korean. And they’re awesome. Incredible musicianship playing hard prog rock with dreamy breaks sung in both Korean and English. It was hard to process all the stimulus but was really good to listen to. They had a decent size crowd (probably should have had more) at The Elephant but all of them were extremely appreciative.





Zimbabwean born and now Melbourne based, this woman has the most gorgeous sound of smooth, alt R&B. The venue was at capacity – literally we had to wait for people to leave before they’d let us in. But it was worth it. Sitting at an open window, overlooking the Mall, earballs massaged with Thando’s lush vocals and feeling very loved up we could have been anywhere in the world. Happily it was Brisbane and with any luck Thando will become a more regular visitor to South East Queensland. Definitely one to seek out.




What a buzz this uber-cool chick is! Last year the Melbourne multi-instrumentalist came to BIGSOUND as an attendee and to learn more about the industry. Here she is in 2018 packing out the Famous venue with people singing along to her songs and lapping up everything she said and did. As well as a being a beast on the drums, she sings, plays guitar, has some serious dance moves and writes incredibly catchy indie pop beats. Her breakout single ‘About You’ was the crowd fave and she preceded it with a new song ‘Killing Time’ and a couple of others with a variety of pace and tone. She’s promising more releases soon, has an Aus/NZ tour starting now backed up with overseas dates through till November. Definitely one to watch.


Other photographic highlights:

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