Bond Business Accelerator Program Fosters Student Start Ups

The Bond Business Accelerator Program is a 13 week startup bootcamp which offers a tailored commercialisation experience around the Lean Startup methodology.  The program is ideal for creatives who have a product or service to offer but may need assistance with getting started from a business perspective.

Program Director Dr Baden U’Ren elaborates.

“Creative people (musicians, artists, photographers, graphic designers, architects, fashion designers) often seek extra core business knowledge required to build a company. By coupling their creative flair with strategic thinking and business acumen, they are well-positioned to create something remarkable.”

The intensive program covers revenue models, customer relationships, strategic resources, consolidation and pitch, as well as many other practical topics designed to help participants on the fast track to entrepreneurship.

Dr Baden U’Ren describes the course further.

“The Bond Business Accelerator is the ultimate experiential education component of your Bond degree…  Leading edge academic material coupled with intense industry backed mentors into a commercialisable outcome.”

“Bond University was started in a spirit of free enterprise, we are own startup. We have at our heart a spirit of innovation and free enterprise, and we see that running through the faculty of business.  Every one of the five members of our entrepreneurship team has startup and exit experience.”

Following the course, student startups are then showcased at Gold Coast Demo Day, this year being held in mid-November.

“Gold Coast Demo Day is all about highlighting the difference ways in which the entrepreneurs of tomorrow are being educated,” says Dr U’Ren.

“All the way from primary school, through to high school, in the community, through university and then by government supported programs and corporate programs.”

“The spark in a young person’s eye… that they’re capable of doing something.  And seeing people that are older than them doing the same thing, it normalises it.  It makes young people see being an entrepreneur as a desirable outcome for young people.”

The Bond Business Accelerator Program for 2016 commences on Wednesday 18th May.  Visit the website for more information, or you can email Program Director and Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship Dr Baden U’Ren directly at

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