Book review: A Zero Waste Life in thirty days | Anita Vandyke

Reducing waste is might not be rocket science, but that was exactly Anita Vandyke’s area of specialty before she started her successful Instagram account @rocket_science about zero-waste living and became an author with her first book ‘A Zero Waste Life’.

After ditching her rocket science career and consumerist tendencies, Anita became an accidental environmentalist whilst transitioning from a maximalist to minimalist lifestyle, and now wants to show you how to do the same.

The goal of this interactive book is to radically reduce your waste by 80% in 30 days without sacrificing your lifestyle.

It is loaded with heaps of actionable tips and tricks to move from excess to eco-luxe as Anita calls it, with creative swaps and ethical choices across beauty, travel, fashion, money and shopping which are meant to enhance and not deprive.

While zero waste may feel daunting initially, the book is separated into levels of ‘reduced’, ‘low’ and ‘zero waste’ so you can start where you are and sustain the change.

The first part of the book has you making simple changes to set up your zero-waste life.  You will be bin auditing, making zero waste kits, composting, preparing zero waste meals, decluttering your home and putting yourself on a momentary spending ban.  The second part of the book challenges you to declutter your mind, value experiences over stuff to flush out your values, how to be of service to others, considering voting with your dollar and taking an honest look at where your time is wasted by doing a time map.

‘A Zero Waste Life’ is a practical call to action which asks readers to interrogate their own values while arming them with what they need to upscale their waste reducing efforts, minus the preaching and daunting statistics.

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