British India: The Future’s So Bright

Wide-screen Melbourne rockers British India found themselves very much at the proverbial crossroads in the lead up to their brand new album ‘Forgetting The Future’. The much-loved band had achieved almost everything they had set out to do when charting their triumphant course across the Australian musical landscape over the past twelve years. From packed out tours and a multitude of rapturous festival appearances through to ARIA chart topping albums and Triple J Hottest 100 appearances, the million dollar question was: where to now?

The band decided to approach things somewhat differently when it came to the genesis of record number six. Holing themselves up in the front room of Sing Sing Recording Studios in Melbourne, they allowed their creative muse to leisurely unfurl across eight months, organically capturing the ideas, riffs and demos that would form the basis of the 10 songs that would constitute ‘Forgetting The Future.’

The album was produced by Oscar Dawson, of Holy Holy fame. Chatting with bass player Will Drummond, I asked him if Dawson was an integral component in capturing the sound that the band wanted to achieve when it came time to actually record the album.

“Yes, absolutely. He heard things in a lot of the demos that aligned with what we wanted to do and was able to amplify them or shape them in the way that we envisaged. We have very similar tastes in music and we grew up playing gigs together all around Melbourne, so he’d come at things from a very similar angle to us. We shared a lot of great jokes, a lot of great nights out and a lot of great times in the studio.”

The band are currently out on the road showcasing the new record, and they’ll be in our neck of the woods in late November. I put it to Will to choose his current favourite track from the new record, and asked him how the new songs have transposed to the live realm.

“I like all of them at the moment haha! I really like some of the slower tracks, like ‘Absolutely Disgusting.’ It’s a seven minute song and you can listen to it in two different ways. You can listen to the instrumentation behind it and get lost in all the swirling music. And you can also focus on Declan’s lyrics, which are very poignant and heart wrenching.”

“As far as getting the new songs ready to play live goes, they actually came together quite quickly in the rehearsal room. We thought they’d be a bit difficult because sonically the album sounds so different to the last few albums we’ve done. But everything has worked out really well live. We have another guy on stage with us, Mitch, who does a lot of the background keyboards and a few extra backing vocals, which we need. He’s been with us for the past few years. It’s all exciting!”

Will is also looking forward to returning once again to the Gold Coast to play the Currumbin Sound Lounge in late November, the scene of some previously memorable shows for the band. “We’ve played a few great gigs there. A lot of people stick around afterwards, and we generally like to come out and say hello. Sometimes you talk to fans and they’ll say things like; “this in my 16th time seeing you guys” and you’re like “wow, that’s incredible..I’ve never seen a band 16 times!”

Whether it’s your 16th time, or your first, be sure to catch British India when they bring their ambitious new record ‘Forgetting The Future’ to local stages soon. They’ll be at the Currumbin Sound Lounge on Friday, 24 November, as well as The Triffid in Brisbane on Saturday 25 November.

IMAGE (c) Kane Hibberd

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