ImMature release from Buffy Prescott

Buffy Prescott songs merge rap’s golden era of the mid 80s to early 90s with the attitude and aesthetic of short, sharp 1980s punk.

Frontman Sean delivers personal and societal critiques with his words but it’s the metal/punk/electro-groove roots of his collaborators Flames and G Ro who help tie it all together.

“I created the name from an amalgamation of Final Girls – a horror movie trope. Buffy Prescott is the final Final Girl. She has been battling the demons – both figuratively and literally – for almost twenty years and is the last one standing to tell the tale. Which is a fitting analogy for us,” Sean explains.

‘ImMature’ is the group’s new album, out on 28 September. Sean says it’s the second album in a trilogy, following 2015’s ‘PreMature’ and that musically, he can’t really liken Buffy Prescott’s sound to anything he knows.

“It’s brash and groovy and dark and fun. Sometimes all at once. Think early-Beasties meets early-NIN and you’re kind of close.”

“You know how a lot of people say ‘Oh, I listen to everything’ well, between the three of us, I feeel (sic) we do. And I think it shows in the music we’ve always made. We’ve always proudly been a melting pot and when you have no genre or you’re ‘difficult to classify’…you live and die on that hill. I’ve had the pleasure of being re-animated on that hill several times,” Sean said.

“Without getting too morbid, there were two death-related incidents that informed this new approach to what I’m doing. I had a heart attack and survived, and my father had a heart attack and did not. These experiences give you a heightened mortality awareness and ultimately, in relation to art, it made me want to do what I love most for the ones I love most.”

He said ‘dad rap’ is what millennial hip-hop fans call the rap their parents listen to.

“I took that and tweaked it a little, creating a concept album that is basically a dad rapping with his kids at heart.”

“The protagonist is a man-child who wants to evolve to be the best parent he can be, so he starts re-prioritising his life by analysing/critiquing his past and present. The ambiguity of the album title ‘ImMature’ encapsulates his conundrum. In hindsight, I could have even put a question mark after it…”

Sean is not new to the music scene, having been involved in several Gold Coast bands for the better part of two decades, but he is relatively new to fatherhood.

“If you want to be an emotionally available presence in your children’s lives – especially in those first five formative years – you need to create a balance that is effective for everyone (and that includes supporting your baby mama!),” he said.

“We used to treat our music like sport – train a few times a week and play somewhere every other weekend. Now, we wait ‘til stories are read and tired bodies are tucked in before we can leave the house. And that’s cool. These days, I do it just as much for them as myself – Like I address in the closing song on the LP ‘Persistence Is Futile’ “I wanna show my kids this biz, well…it isn’t a waste” and I’m referring to the emotional investment and return in music: the real reason we (still) do it.”

So, given the juggle, will the trilogy be completed? Sean answers definitively.

“We are pretty prolific,” he said. “And I definitely would love to finish this trilogy, so there is a third Buffy Prescott release pretty much recorded. It just needs some mixing and mastering.

We’re going to ride this one ‘til the wheels fall off first, though.”

_ _ _

Buffy Prescott launches ‘ImMature’ with a live show at Vinnie’s Dive Bar, Southport on 2 November.

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