Champagne talks private shows, Fault Lines, and Winnipeg

We talked to Daniel Champagne about his recent album, touring schedule and house gigs. Here’s the skinny!

Fault Lines is an interesting name for an album, conjuring up images of earthquakes and tsunamis. What the story behind the name?

I guess it’s using the words more metaphorically than literally. I find the more I go through life, the more I find almost everything and everyone is more fractured than you first think. So often these faults or mistakes or scars are the most interesting parts of the picture to study and write about.

You have a gruelling touring schedule and visit lots of cities across the world. What makes the best sort of city for a touring musician?

It’s a cliche but the answer is people. It’s the people I know in a city who shape my meaning of it. My favourite is Winnipeg in Canada which to most is a frozen hole in the middle of nowhere. It’s just where a lot of my best friends live.

What advice would you give aspiring solo musicians seeking to make a career out of their craft?

Firstly work out what YOU sound like, not what other people sound like or what you want to sound like. Then work and work and work at your craft till you’re confident to share it on any stage, anywhere in the world and then keep doing that and putting yourself out there for a long period of time.

Can you tell us a story about a gig that didn’t quite go to plan?

I was once booked for a ‘Private Show’ thinking it was a house party when it turned out to be just a couple who wanted me to play while they made love. Needless to say that sticks out as a very strange night.

What does Daniel Champagne’s ideal day look like?

Some friends, some road time, a stage, some new songs and a crowd that turns up to really listen.

Daniel Champagne plays NightQuarter June 30 and Austinville’s Mt Nimmel Hall on July 1.

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