Cheap fakes off to Mitchell Creek ahead of a full festival season

When you think festival bands, Cheap Fakes have got to be somewhere near the top of the list. This weekend they’re off to Mitchell Creek Festival, but that’s just the first of many. On the horizon are Red Deer Music Festival, Brisbane Festival, Bulimba Festival and they’re dropping hints at more.

“I can’t actually say,” Hayden says, speaking to Blank just one day before Mitchell Creek starts. Sounds intruiging and with so many awesome festivals yet to announce their summer lineups, I can only guess.

They’re a genuine southeast Queensland outfit too. With five members who have hometowns from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, it’s no wonder they’ve got a rapidly growing fan-base. Not to mention the fact that they make incredibly catchy tunes and have slick dance moves to boot.

Cheap Fakes - Album launch Blank ad

“It’s such an earworm, it’s so catchy, it is a hard one to get out of your head once you start singing it,” Hayden says of the track Baby it’s a good song off soon to be released album Modern Vintage.

“I had to get it out of my own head and get it recorded because it’s just something that’s been annoying me for years,” he said. “But it’s annoying in a good way. If that’s possible.”

Modern Vintage is Cheap Fakes’ third album, following 2010’s Stones & Sticks and 2012’s Hand Me Downs. And Hayden told us all about the recording process, including working with John Merchant. That story is on its way.

Hayden also shared the secret to the band’s slick dance moves.

“It’s never been something that we consciously do,” he said. “We’ve never been in the studio and said let’s do this awesome dance move. It’s more been that when there’s a hit in one of our songs we just do the same thing, I guess, not even consciously.”

“Unless I’m up the front and the boys are copying my dance moves,” he laughs.

One of the things that makes Cheap Fakes such an excellent festival band is their ability to have fun on stage. And if you’ve listened to their recorded tracks you’ll know that that fun vibe translates to their recordings as well – a very unique skill. Hayden explains how that works.

“Yeah, I guess, one of the main things about being in a band is that you’ve got to be mates with the guys you’re working with,” he said. “You’ve got to be able to take criticism and give criticism and not take it too seriously.”

“Music is about fun, it’s not about money, and there’s a certain buzz you get when you’re in the room with five guys and it connects and this feeling that’s unlike anything.”

Listen to Baby it’s a  good song and then read on:


“It’s better than any drugs,” he says, “It’s just…. good.”

To see for yourself the chemistry that Cheap Fakes have on stage, as well as to get one hell of an earworm stuck in your head, you can catch the lads at Mitchell Creek Festival this weekend.

And you can see them again when they launch their album Modern Vintage at Miami Marketta on Sunday 11 October.

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