Chelsea Rockwells: Rocking Well

Sean “Deanus” Dalton (drums), Jay Vincent (bass / vocals) and Nathan “Millsy” Mills (guitar) are Chelsea Rockwells. A rock band. They’re sitting opposite me at Warehouse No. 5 at Burleigh and it’s their first proper magazine photoshoot.

“One we haven’t done ourselves anyway,” they laugh.

They’re wrapping up their EP and about to release another single following their first, titled Aztec. They’re also about to be serviced by Footstomp. The response to Aztec has been good.

“It’s been positive,” they tell me. “Other local bands that we like really dug it and gave us accolades and Asho (Footstomp) loves it too.

“We’re a brand new band with no following on Facebook, and that lifted over that one week of hype when the song was released,” Millsy said.

As a band Jay and Millsy have played together for a “long time” including in Gold Coast outfit Stellar Green, but as this three-piece known as Chelsea Rockwells, it hasn’t been long at all. Their first gig was in February.

“We’ve played about eight gigs now.  Or maybe ten. Or twelve. We’ve had a couple of really cool shows,” Jay said.

“It’s been hard to book good shows,” he said. “We’re an unknown, nobody knows who we are.”

Sean says that’s changed a little since the single was released.

“We’re having people ask us about shows now,” Jay said.

Chelsea Rockwell’s sound is unabashedly rock. Big rock. With lots of riff-driven guitar. Having only performed together for a short while, some were surprised to see them do so well in the Hard Rock Rising competition where they were one of only four Gold Coast bands to make the finals.

“It was great. We were in the middle of recording at Loose Stones with Matt at that time,” Jay said.

“That was a bit of a rockstar week. We were in the studio, had to go to Hard Rock gig, we had a Currumbin gig, we were living that moment.”

Chelsea Rockwell’s second single Stone is due for release soon, with a filmclip to accompany and their debut EP will follow in October.

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Chelsea Rockwells are at Triffid on 25 August and Wallapalooza on 17 September.

PHOTO CREDIT: Lamp Photography

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