Solid foundations for clawmachine

clawmachine is the kaleidoscopic creation of young producer, Dylan Lindquist. Learning to record his own music in high school and using his bedroom as a makeshift studio led to the Gold Coaster delivering a self-titled EP in 2016. His music is an auditory melting pot of indie, electro-pop and psychedelia.

The debut EP came after Dylan connected with like-minded students at TAFE Queensland on the Gold Coast. It was during his time here that he and fellow classmates started the band clawmachine – with Dylan taking up the reins as writer and producer as well as one of the guitarists.

“Definitely one of my favourite parts of the three years I spent as TAFE was hanging out with all my friends I met there,” Dylan told Blank Gold Coast, “including Eli and Whitney who both play live in clawmachine and help to write/produce the songs.”

Dylan said his main motivation for enrolling in TAFE was to be able to record his own songs to a high quality, but that the course also covered live sound. He started with a Diploma before moving on to the Bachelor of Contemporary Music Practice.

“In that first year I learned almost everything I needed to be able to record, produce and mix high quality songs; as well as how to be a sound technician for live music, which came in handy to help me keep up an income whilst studying.”

“It was honestly the best learning experience I’ve ever had, I wish I could go back and have another crack because even now I’m constantly learning new stuff, the diploma was just a great starting point for the whole journey. The bachelor though was more focused on turning us into well rounded and versatile musicians, so that we can be more successful in finding a job as a contemporary musician.

“I’ve gone from making shabby little demos in my bedroom to creating and releasing professional songs that have been heard by thousands of people in different venues across Australia.”

​As a 20 year old forging his way into the music industry, Dylan is using his recent academic and technical learnings to help other artists, including the members of clawmachine who all have their own projects: Whitney Veitch, Digital and Pure Milk.

“I had a hand in producing Whitney’s debut EP; as well as producing, recording, and mixing nearly of all Pure Milk so far, which has been great fun,” Dylan said. “Through this year I’m going to be working with all three of them to help release their music to hopefully a wider audience.”

He’s now working on the mix for the new clawmachine EP though he says his other projects are diverting some of his attention.

“They’re coming a little bit slower than they should because I’ve been spending time on the Pure Milk EP as well as Digital’s EP,” Dylan said. “I would say you can expect the clawmachineGood Harvest EP’ around April/May, with a little taste of it coming sooner!”

Until then make sure you get your ears around Pure Milk’s ‘Sunny Young Boy’ EP out 12 February, and Digital’s EP out 20 February or visit for the latest news.


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