Coomera Anglican College Goes Greener with More Solar Power

Coomera Anglican College is on track to be one of the most solar powered schools on the Gold Coast, completing installation of 158kW (258kW in total) of solar across the campus with a further 100kW in the pipeline.

Leading the way for a smarter, cleaner and environmentally cleaner future, the completion of Stage 2 of their solar installation is the latest addition to the College’s Sustainability Project.

The Sustainability Project is the College’s commitment to reduce their environmental footprint, provide educational opportunities for students, prepare students to be environmental leaders
for the future and reduce the rise in energy costs.

Coomera Anglican College Business Manager, David Dobbie said the College continues to build its reputation as a leader in environmental sustainability.

“Our Sustainability Project has a range of environmental, educational and economic benefits not just to the College, but the broader community,” said Mr Dobbie.

“It is important to the College that we lead by example and the solar installation will give students access to the data, providing opportunities for them to apply real time and personally relevant information in their learning,” he said.

Coomera Anglican College is proposing a third stage of solar infrastructure with a further 100kW to be added to the Primary campus during 2018, resulting in a total solar installation of approximately 360kW and an offset of 70-80% of their current energy consumption.

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