Cosentino Interview

Cosentino, the brilliant magician Australia is proud to call our own, is about to hit the road again around Australia with a mind-boggling show that he has expertly choreographed over the past 12 months. I managed to catch Cosentino after an intense practice session in Melbourne.

The fact that Cosentino has put more than a year into the show is impressive. I was interested to find out what a regular day was like for a professional, world class, Merlin-Award-winning magician, and he was more than happy to reveal this secret about his training regime.

“People always ask how a show takes a year to put together, and the reality is that 90 minutes is a show length, and each illusion and effect is about 3 minutes which takes about 3 months of prepping. So that is coming up with an idea, visually creating it, architecturally checking it and then meeting with the aluminium guys, the electrician and the welder then you bring it back, look at it, redesign it and finish it. That’s a month and a half. Now you have to choreograph the pattern and lighting you are going to put to it, and then you redo it because it doesn’t work!”

“A rehearsal day typically starts off with a particular prop or apparatus to make sure that it is working. We all individually rehearse our piece, and then we just rehearse it together over and over again. There’s no such thing as a typical day, you could be running around Bunnings looking for a particular item or working with a graphic designer, or being on the ground practicing!”

Cosentino’s large group of supporters consists of a range of different people including his brothers, who assist in the process of creating the shows. With the extensive range of performances Cosentino puts on – from illusions to death defying escapes – there is no doubt that some are risky to practice more than a few times in rehearsal.

“In one rehearsal session, I’ll only do four or three full attempts for the escapes. You might start off, for example, being underwater and holding your breath without even having any locks or chains on you. After that, you go into a tank with no water and you pick all the locks. Then you hold your breath and repeat. It’s a compounding procedure. When the whole show is together, we will only rehearse it twice in a day.”
After wrapping up his extensive Australian tour, Cosentino will be heading over to work with the biggest magician of the 21st century Criss Angel, on his new season of The Supernaturalists. The show’s team is comprised of the best magicians in the world, hand-picked by the mastermind himself. Cosentino flew over to hang out with Criss in Vegas to talk over the idea of joining The Supernaturalists. Although production hasn’t even started, Cosentino has his fingers crossed that the show will arrive on Australian shores eventually, as do I.

Cosentino stands alongside the best of the best in the world of Magic after netting the International Merlin Award. Past recipients include David Copperfield and Criss Angel, who Cosentino is floored to be put shoulder to shoulder with.

“It is a huge honour, and you hear performers say that an award is humbling, but what does that mean? What does it mean that it’s humbling? I understand it now. To be in that category puts pressure on me and there’s an expectation, at least from my industry anyway, and it is humbling to be amongst those brilliant, brilliant performers.”

You say you can tell a lot about a person by the TV shows they watch (well, I think so at least), and so our conversation turned to our favourite television series. As it quickly became apparent, Cosentino knew exactly what to watch and had a brilliant taste. His downtime from his extreme profession is often watching television, which might come as a bit of a surprise!

“I love Boardwalk Empire, you can definitely see a bit of inspiration there. I finished Breaking Bad, and they’re probably my two favourites. I’ve seen a bit of Game of Thrones, I just haven’t really gotten into it. Walking Dead I have, but just not Game of Thrones! I really enjoy seeing films at the cinemas and just sitting down, doing nothing and watching TV.”

With that, our conversation comes to a close, and the next time we’ll catch Cosentino is when he performs at Jupiter’s Casino on Thursday, April 23. VIP Tickets are available to ensure you’re in the thick of the performance (first 8 rows), along with a pre-show Q&A with the brilliant performer himself and a performance of an illusion that will not appear in the main performance! You can find these tickets and general tickets on Ticketek.

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Cosentino, Jupiters | Thursday 23 April
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