Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird: Hitting The Open Road

Intriguingly monikered new Melbourne 5 piece Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird are blowing into town this weekend, with an eagerly anticipated show lined up at the Miami Shark Bar on Saturday, 7 April.

Having recently dropped their debut album, ‘Electric Brown’, the band are out in support of it, undertaking an extensive national tour. It’s a lovingly crafted, wide-screen release, with lushly produced numbers riding hand in hand with the band’s trademark indie rock and electro-dance vibes. It was produced by Matt Neighbour, who has previously worked with the Avalanches and Matt Corby.

In the lead up, singer Lachlan Rose answered a few questions that we posed to him..

You have quite an intriguing band name. Is it based on a real person, or else, how did you come up with it?

The name comes from the final monologue in the film American Beauty. The last thing Lester Burnham remembers before he dies is “the first time I saw my cousin Tony’s brand new Firebird”. I loved that idea of very every-day experiences ultimately having the most meaning.

You’ve just started out on an extensive national tour, with the first two shows having already sold out. Do you all enjoy getting out there and playing in front of fans and new converts? Have you played on the Gold Coast before? And what can we expect from you in the live realm?

This will be our first time taking the show to the Goldy, which is super exciting. We adore playing live and traveling together – so all we hope is that the crowds perceive a bunch of mates enjoying doing what they do best.

You’ve recently released your debut album, ‘Electric Brown’. Are you pleased with how it turned out, and what’s the response been like from fans?

It’s a long road to create an album and a profound thing to finally release it. We couldn’t be happier with how it’s been received. It sounds so trite but whenever a single person connects with it, it feels like the job is done. Everything else is just a bonus.

One of the tracks off the album is called ‘Space Is The Place’. Was it inspired at all by the song of the same name by cosmic jazz legend Sun Ra?

“Space is the Place” is a super common expression. It appears frequently in spiritual jazz and I’ve always loved the Sun Ra song. For me though, I actually got it off a t-shirt that my friend made when I was a teenager. Certain phrases and words tend to echo continuously through the ages of music and I liked the idea of continuing the idea in our own way.

Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird, together with Fresco Kyoto and Rhea Robertson, play the Miami Shark Bar this Saturday night, 7 April. Their show the night before at The Milk Factory in Brisbane has already sold out, so make sure you get along nice and early, or get your tickets beforehand.

Here’s a taste of one of their standout numbers, from their debut album ‘Electric Brown.’

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