So far it has been a killer year for releases and one of the most anticipated for me personally is the new Danzig album Black Laden Crown, so I was stoked when I had the chance to check it out.

My expectations for this one were very high so does it live up to the hype? It has been seven years since we have had a full length original album from Danzig. His last release was 2015’s Skeletons which saw the evil Elvis put his own twist on a bunch of songs which I really enjoyed but being his last actual full original release was 2010’s Deth Red Sabaoth he was way overdue for something new.

It seems that Danzig likes to take his time with new releases. The last few albums have all been recorded and written over long periods of time with recording sessions for Black Laden Crown starting way back in 2014. This might seem a bit extreme but when you think about how long we have been waiting for a new Tool album this is nothing! The end result is a collection of some of Danzig’s best work and some of his heaviest to date. It still has Glenn’s signature howl and swagger but you can definitely hear in his voice that he is has been doing this a very long time which also kind of adds to its charm in a wolverine/old man Logan kind of way.

The songs themselves are fantastic. The lead single Devil On HWY 9 is catchy as hell while other stand outs ‘Last Ride‘, ‘But A Nightmare‘ and Skulls & Daisies‘ sound like they would fit perfectly on early classics such as How The God’s Kill or the first Danzig record. While it’s easy to say that I really like this album the only complaint is the production which is a bit of a let down. As the album was recorded over several sessions it can sometimes sound like some of the tracks are rough demos or unevenly mixed which can be a bit jarring.

The production aside, Black Laden Crown is Danzig doing what he does best. While millions of fans are hoping to hear one last record with his old band mates in The Misfits after their recent reunion show, this fan was just happy to have a new Danzig record to spin regardless of it that happens or not (will Hell actually freeze over?) only time will tell, but until then grab a copy of Black Laden Crown, get in your car and crank this baby on a long dark road. Let’s hope it won’t be too long before we get some more of this stuff ‘Zig.

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