Doug Stanhope Down Under

I cannot believe I just got to chat with Doug Fucking Stanhope! What a sweet moment to brag about. But to who? Who is familiar with this name? I’ve already made mention to a few friends about this upcoming comedy gig and was met with shrugged shoulders and “aww yeah um.. I think I’ve heard of him”.

Ricky Gervais has a much more swollen mainstream comedy audience. His testimonial reads loud and clear on Stanhope’s Australian Tour Promos “@dougstanhope might be the most important stand up working today”.

So why has Stanhope operated professionally for so long without making the mainstream? Maybe you ought to check his material. I believe the answer will punch you in the face. For example..

Smoking in public in Australia is about as popular as hitting young children in public. Do you see this as a positive shift in Australian culture?

The longer you make me wait for a cigarette the more likely I am to hit your young child in public.


Oh snap. I almost squealed. I’m on the phone with Doug Fucking Stanhope and he just talked about punching young children. This is the best day ever!

If I throw my underwear on stage at your Brisbane performance are you likely to keep them as memorabilia?

If you throw your underwear on stage I will keep them as backup for when I run out of laundry.


OMFG. This guy is pulling at all my heart strings tonight. What a privilege it is to have the most poetically vulgar man working professionally today in our backyard. Playing Byron on the 10th November and Brisbane the 11th November before flying off to complete his Aussie tour.

Do you have any plans after your Aussie tour once you return home? There has been some online speculation about a TV show with Johnnie Depp.

I intentionally have no plans. A month of contemplation. Maybe I’ll do tv with Johnny or maybe I’ll get a job behind a bar. When I got into entertainment my dad told me to have a back up plan. I’m really happy with where I am so jumping off the 28th story balcony here in Brisbane is my backup.

You fucking rock Mr Doug Stanhope. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us here at BlankGC. See you ringside for the Bris performance.

If you are unable to attend but want to become more familiar with his unique stand up performance art then head to to purchase DVD specials and check the podcasts. He is also active on Twitter @DougStanhope.




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