Entertainment on the edge… Welcome to Sideshow

Experience unexpected delights, audacious endeavours and unapologetic acts every Friday and Saturday night in The Basement, with the Arts Centre’s brand new initiative, Sideshow. Sideshow invites attendees to strap in and enjoy a night of edgy music-theatre performances about everything from botox and 80s vampires to Amy Winehouse. We chatted with event curator Emma-June Curik to get the lowdown.

“On a basic level, Sideshow is a cool, edgy cabaret series,” says Emma.

“But really it’s about more than just the shows we’re offering – we’re trying to create an experience. A place where you can see a show, grab a great cocktail and hopefully meet some cool people.

“It will be the best parts of a cabaret club and a laidback piano bar in one. All the shows are between 60-70 mins, and once the show is done, the venue opens up to the public, with totally free entry.”

Guests will be able to grab a wine, whisky, or cocktail and enjoy tapas-style eats during the evenings, making it a whole night wrapped into one: drinks, dinner and entertainment.

“There’s nothing quite like it on the Gold Coast,” Emma continues.

“With Sideshow, you can come back each weekend and see a new show but have a consistent quality of your overall experience. And of course, we have some amazing bars and restaurants but there are few places where you get to have an awesome drink while enjoying entertainment that’s a bit different or makes you think.”

The shows themselves have a bit more of an edge than the usual Arts Centre programming. ‘The 27 Club’ uses the music of Cobain, Joplin, Winehouse et al to explore the well-known phenomenon. ‘Presents’ which screens cult films in a laidback, social environment, followed by a Q+A podcast at the end. A diverse range of performers and stories from Carlotta to Michael Tuahine will also be celebrated.

Like your entertainment served on the edge?

Welcome to Sideshow.

The events will run every Friday and Saturday night from 6 Oct – 9 Dec in The Basement, The Arts Centre Gold Coast. Visit theartscentregc.com.au for tickets.

Natalie O’Driscoll

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