EP Review: YT DiNGO | Side A

YT DiNGO is a multi-talented collective performing across a dazzling array of creative realms. Pack leader, the irrepressible Travers Ross, serves as the band’s creative visionary, with other members including prolific drum-meister Dave Atkins, of Resin Dogs and Wolfmother renown.

Having taken out ‘Video of the year’ at the recent Gold Coast Music Awards, the band are spring-boarding into the rest of 2019 with some real momentum behind them with the release of their ambitious debut EP, ‘Side A’, a release resplendent in themes of passion, vulnerability, redemption and connection with the earth.

The EP’s Opening number (and first single in a trilogy of jaw dropping film clips), ‘I’ve Been To The Sea’, features Djuki Mala and commences with the native Australian sounds of digeridoo and tribal chanting, before bursting forth into a masterful hip-hop/modern rock amalgamation, with MC style verses giving way to a soaring chorus.

The video award winning ‘Shipwrecked’, is in turns moody and robust, taking the hip-hop with rock and funk work-out blueprint to the next level, with impressive results.

Meanwhile third in the video-trilogy, ‘Thrill Of The Chase’, dials in an ethnic-electro element to the bands base sound, augmented with a fist pumping, nu-metal approximating chorus.

‘Wicked Rest’ is a rollercoaster of mood and release, the track flitting on a dime between chilled, modern r&b, prog-rock interludes and explosive moments of heavy hitting rock and rap. It takes skill and balls to merge such disparate elements, for which Ross and cohorts display an impressive aptitude.

The EP’s final two numbers, ‘Deep Blue’ and ‘Girls Down Under’, continue to deliver the band’s highly honed musical stew in spades, with the latter number sure to be an anthemic live highlight when YT DiNGO bring their sound and dance extravaganza to some of this regions finest live music spaces in June.

There is a very strong visual element to the man and his music, with spellbinding dance choreography a key component of the band’s ethos, so be sure to view the trilogy of videos to take in the full, wide screen YT DiNGO experience – and get along to one of the shows, at that!

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