Fault Lines | Daniel Champagne: Album Review

I get teased about my love of melancholy singer songwriters. Mostly by Blank editor Sam Morris. So when I heard Dan Champagne’s new album Fault Lines was up for review I jumped at the chance to further immerse myself in the genre at least in spite of her, if not for my love of the guitarist’s music.

Champagne is known as one of the more amazing young percussive guitarists touring the world right now. From Bega in NSW but now based in Nashville USA, he’s also one of the hardest working musicians out there with a gruelling touring schedule. I can only imagine this schedule offers heaps of opportunity to write new material and his new album showcases some of that work.

All of My Stars had more pop sensibility than other songs I’d heard before, with a catchy sing-along hook that many will find etched in their brain. Supernova and the title track Fault Lines both used Champagne’s signature percussive guitar style, showcasing harmonics and finger tapping on the strings that is as fun to watch as it is interesting to listen to. Throughout the album, Champagne was accompanied by a female voice whose harmonies made me wish I had a bloody CD case to see who she was. Particularly on Just Kids. Curse you iTunes.

Buy this album and see Daniel Champagne live. Both are value for money and wonderfully entertaining and fulfilling experiences.


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