Fleetwood Mac All Night Long

Lets face it, tribute bands aren’t anything that new or exciting. They don’t offer a whole lot to the world of entertainment. Fleetmac Wood, thats right Fleetmac Wood, are not a tribute band, to the surprise of many. In fact they are a party collective who DJ mostly around the UK and America.

Blank GC caught up with DJ’s Lisa Jelliffe and Alex Oxley – also know as Roxanne Roll and Smooth Sailing – who were in town recently for their White Winged Love disco and Falls Festival.


Lisa and Alex first linked up around three years ago, remixing the iconic tunes of Fleetwood Mac in such a way that the project soon broke out from the parties and club nights in London where they first started, to taking them around the world.

“We started off in London as it has the biggest Mac crowd, it’s probably our favourite place as well. America is good too though. Stevie in the US is more of a gay icon, so we get some fabulous people dressing up and taking inspiration from the band.”

“It’s a real celebration of the music and part of the remix culture with various contributors. It’s also a party which we tour around the world a real festival environment. Fleetwood Mac is known all around the world. People are emotional, excited and passionate, it is a great relief for people wanting to live and come together”

Fleetmac Wood have played at Glastonbury, Burning Man and Secret Garden Party.

“Burning Man was like being in another planet for a week. It was really cool this year and the year before. It was great to go everywhere feel the energy, the amazing vibe.”

“[Fleetwood Mac had] incredible musicianship, so many members over the years – all big contributors – its not just one songwriter. There’s such a range; big pop classic from Christie, more dreamy melancholy from Stevie, incredible guitar from Buckingham and much more intense rock, rhythm and textures.”

The duo DJ for up to six hours a night. At any standard club night it takes a number of DJs playing a whole host of artists to maintain the energy level and take the crowd on that “dancefloor journey” – these guys are doing it themselves, with only one band at their disposal.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time so we expose our audiences to tracks they don’t know and tracks they do know as well as edits.”

There’s no big headliner, line-up or dress code and their nights have only one rule – they will only play Fleetwood Mac remixes or originals, no covers.

“There’s enough Mac to sustain a whole night and we haven’t really heard a cover that is nearly as good as the original!”

What did they think about Falls? “We are romantics and I think Falls is the perfect place. Most people knew the tracks, but heard them in a slightly different way which makes it more pumped up. Its just really great to play this music on a loud surround system.” Lisa continues, “Falls festival was only one hour so we pulled out all the big tracks.”

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