Floating Bridges bring the power to Marketta

In a show of solidarity for marginalised Australians, popular Sunshine Coast roots band The Floating Bridges release a rousing second single, ‘Power’ from their forthcoming studio album.

Known for their vocalisations on the plight of First Nations Australians, refugees, disadvantaged youth and the environment, The Floating Bridges are taking ‘Power’ to the people of Gold Coast this winter with an energy-fuelled show at Miami Marketta in August.

“‘Power’ is about the disconnect between government and community. It aims to give voice to the disadvantaged individuals whose basic rights are being dictated by government agendas and the overarching emphasis placed on money,” said Dale Mallett, vocalist and percussionist.

“We believe in one people. We believe that putting up walls and divides between races and classes is the driving force behind much of the terrible violence in the world. When you deprive people of their basic human rights, they have no choice but to fight back.”

‘Power’ sees the Bridges explore more of a dub-roots vibe, experimenting with deeper sounds and stronger effects and delays to create a lush audio soundscape, something the self-confessed party band say was inspired by, “Loosing our shit at Bush Doofs to pumping bass and melodies with all those pretty lights!”

Check out ‘Power’ below:

The Floating Bridges’ passion for the rights and support of others extends beyond the studio, with the band playing NAIDOC week on the Sunshine Coast, Booin Gari Festival, as well as being official ambassadors for Sunshine Butterflies, a charity to help support and improve the lives of people with disabilities, and Sea Shepherd, the global organisation for marine wildlife conservation.

You can catch Floating Bridges on 18 August at Miami Marketta.


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