Frenchy: World’s Worst Adult

Frenchy. Even his name sounds rude. The quintessential Aussie bloke, this lanky ex-teacher from Wollongong has been making a name for himself on the comedy festival circuit with his brand of daily-life-and-relationships comedy, peppered with a decent amount of raunch.  Now Frenchy is headed our way in November with his show World’s Worst Adult showing for one night only. Natalie O’Driscoll got to know the cheeky comedian a little better.

What is one of the more memorable heckler experiences you’ve had?

I was performing in Edinburgh this year and I had a French girl walk in late then yell out that I had matched her on Tinder but never actually wrote to her. She seemed upset about this so I got her up and we had our first date live on stage! I spent the majority of this date ripping on her about her odd outfit. (She was wearing joggers with a dress – I still have no idea why.)

What set you on the comedy path?

I actually used to be a high school teacher but my teaching license got suspended so I figured I better try something else. I also used to work at a nightclub, at a waterpark, as a soccer referee & as a telemarketer but got fired from all those jobs too so if I was going to earn enough money for Tinder-Plus, becoming self-employed seemed like my only option.

Do you prefer live stand up or making videos?

I prefer stand-up for sure! A live audience is always better than an online audience, it’s way more fun watching people laugh / groan at my offensive jokes than just imagining it. I started doing stand up way back in 2008 so it’s been a long time coming!

You seem like a pretty prolific writer. Do you ever get writer’s block, and if so how do you usually get around it?

Paint Thinner & Super Smash Brothers. Nah that was a joke, I don’t play Super Smash Brothers anymore. I actually barely ever get writers block, fortunately I have a weird brain & very funny mates so something interesting is usually happening to help stimulate my brain.

Are there any comedy subjects you consider “off limits”?

Well for starters I still won’t joke about Shannon Noll getting robbed in Australian Idol in 2003, cause that wound is still too fresh #WhatAboutShan. I think most topics can be covered if it’s done the right way, but in saying that there are definitely a few things I don’t joke about just because I don’t have the skill or subtlety required to do it properly. I’ll settle for Tinder stories, Harry Potter references & dick jokes for now #ProvenFormula.

I’ve had hostel experiences that make the Australiana Hostel look like the Hilton. What was your worst one?

Bed bugs! I stayed in a hostel which had bed bugs which was the worst, it was so itchy! I actually found out later that the hostel didn’t have bed bugs, I just had crabs… Lots and lots of crabs… Same thing really.

What is some advice you would give comedians who are seeking to grow their YouTube audience?

Do quality videos that interest you and that you would watch. Don’t try to pander to the masses by making shitty videos about sex – that’s my thing, stay off my turf muggle.

Can’t get enough Frenchy? Check out his YouTube Channel.

Tickets for the 9 November show at the Arts Centre Gold Coast are on sale now.

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