Goat Tram descends on Snookerworld

Named in concert with its sister event in Brisbane, Goat Train, this event recognises the brutal truth that Gold Coast has an awesome tram, but Brisbane doesn’t. The lineup is unique and unlikely to ever be repeated.

Melbourne’s Australian Kingswood Factory play original Oz pub rock like it never went out of fashion, and they’re joined by triple j Unearthed winners Friends with the Enemy who grind out original pop punk and have toured the USA supporting bands like Guttermouth, Pennywise and Lagwagon.

I Have a Goat bring bogan punk and visceral protest songs to the stage and local purveyors of atomic mutant goat-punk Göatzilla (pictured) deliver a mishmash of sounds alongside Second Hand Toothbrush, Cactus Dildos and Monster Fodder.

Goat Tram brings horns to your ears on Friday 11 May from 6.30pm at Snookerworld. Tickets are a measly ten bucks. Deets at fb.com/goatzillaoz.

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