Going Wild

They completed several east coast tours in 2014 and 2015, building momentum around their self-titled EP, and now Sydney’s The Wildbloods are set to hit the road again, celebrating forthcoming album All the Adversity and new single Red Box. Samantha Morris fired off a few questions to the band ahead of their NightQuarter appearance this month.

Tell me about The Wildbloods.

Juke: We are an indie rock band based out of Sydney. We sound similar to the likes of The Kooks, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Circa Waves except with lyrics sung in an Aussie accent. We absolutely love playing live and cannot wait till the next tour starts!

Your full-length album All The Adversity is about to drop. How do you feel about the release? Any major lessons learned through the recording / production process? 

Justin: We feel excited more than anything. We gave our all to each and every song on this album and can’t wait to show the world what we’ve been up to. On the other hand we also feel curious as to what people will think of it. A lot of the songs are different to the happy-go-lucky vibe of our EP.

We learned that making an album is nowhere near as simple as what we had initially thought. So much energy, time and money goes into it. In saying that the whole process was very rewarding and we are so grateful for the experience.

There’s such a big contrast between Amy Baby and Red Box. Guitars feature front and centre for both but one is all jangly pop and the other is chunky fuzz-laden riffs. What’s going on? Was that intentional?

Justin: This was definitely intentional. Our songs are shaped by our lyrics more than anything. In this case Amy Baby is a heartfelt love song and we wanted to depict that. As much as we’d love to use the fuzz pedal on every track it just wouldn’t work.

You’ve also just announced an eight-date east coast tour which includes the Gold Coast. Have you spent much time here?

Johnny: We’re so stoked to be going on tour again! I have spent quite a bit of time in the Gold Coast. My girlfriend is originally from there and my best mate lives there as well – when I am up there it’s usually to catch up with people, so I haven’t been to a whole heap of venues. However, I have played acoustically a couple of times at The Loft on Chevron Island and have been to NightQuarter before. I absolutely loved the vibe at NightQuarter so when I found out that we were playing there I was over the moon!

The Wildbloods hit NightQuarter 10 June

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