Gotta get some Bligh

A young band with big choruses and bigger ambitions, Bligh recently took out the Green Room Battle of The Bands, less than a year after they formed. Now they are releasing their debut single Gotta Get.

Elliott Bayliss, Bligh vocalist, describes their alternative pop sound as “like the soundtrack to scrolling through an aesthetic Tumblr feed while listening to the best of ‘80’s new wave.”

The group chose to release Gotta Get first as it was a nice introduction and very representative of their sound. Despite being a bit more analogue with guitars and drums, Gotta Get still has the big hooks and sing-along choruses Bligh would like to be known for. The single also showcases everyone in the band. This was important to Elliott.

“I wanted the band to be a democracy with everyone contributing and everyone’s opinions being respected.”

Elliott is no stranger to the Gold Coast music scene, having previously performed with rock band The Polaroids, but he realised what he wanted was something more catchy and sing-a-long-like.  So Bligh aims to do something they see not many other people doing on the Gold Coast.

“There’s not a lot of polished, glossy sort of music here, except like Amy Shark and Aquila Young,” says Elliott.

“They are a big inspiration for us. We are going for a little anti-surf-rock which seems to be popular and everywhere now.”

Gotta Get is definitely pop. Kudos to Bligh for hitting their goal, and damn them for getting their song stuck in my head. Gotta Get is available only in digital form through the usual sources.

If you’re keen to get to a live gig, Bligh can be found playing regularly around the Gold Coast. Upcoming shows include Miami Marketta on 5 July, the Currumbin Tavern, and if you’re up for a south of the border run, Kingscliff.

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