Hanging Five With BLIGH

Having wowed ears and turned heads last year with the release of their cinematic, piano-driven pearler ‘Mrs Jones’, Gold Coast indie five piece BLIGH have just dropped their latest single in the form of a catchy, pop-rock belter which goes by the name of ‘Nissan Patrol’.

The track is an impressive fillip to the bands rapidly burgeoning reputation and reinforces their nous for delivering the type of memorable, catchy pop songs which should ensure their ongoing success on the local music scene and beyond.

To get more of an insight into the new number, as well as what else is going down in the world of BLIGH, we took the opportunity to ‘hang five’ with the band’s songwriter and vocalist, Elliott Bayliss.

You’ve just released a pop-tastic new single, ‘Nissan Patrol’. Have you ever owned such a vehicle!? And is the song indicative of the direction that the band is heading musically?

We’ve actually never owned one but I can confirm I spent a really long time in one with an older, far cooler girl while I was in high school; that’s what the song’s about.

What’s been your most memorable gig to date?

Our second gig ever was so special. It was a ‘battle of the bands’. We’d played the heat really well but no one had showed. There were a lot of people there for the final and we kept trying to figure out which band had brought all the people. Then when we started playing, something like 80 kids just rushed to the stage, it was great! Word had gotten out; they were there for us. That was a pretty special moment.

Are there any other bands (local or otherwise) that you share a particular affinity with? 

There are a tonne of acts locally we really admire. Electrik Lemonade are honestly incredible. Seeing them live made me lift my game. I love Ella Fence and New Age Notion is really underrated.

If you could collaborate with one artist/producer/music industry person, who would it be? 

That’s such a toughy. I’d really love to do some more writing with Ella Fence, or on a more international level I’d love to work with Mark Crew or Jack Antanoff.

What’s in store for BLIGH for the rest of 2019? 

We have a big year planned and this is just the start. Expect at least three more singles and potentially an EP. I went through a break up and we’ve been putting down some pretty magical demos that could become an EP before the end of the year. Some of those are easily 10 times better than anything we’ve done to date, so we’re definitely excited to put some of that out.

Be sure to catch BLIGH, when they launch their hot new single, ‘Nissan Patrol’, at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse on May 11th. In the words of Elliott: “We are working really hard to make it the best gig we have ever played. If there was ever a time to see us, this is it!”

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