Hola hola Pablo Pablo

6 Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach
07) 5534 7003


Oh Pablo Pablo, where have you been hiding? You’ve made my night, my week, my year!

It was with a tentative heart that I approached Pablo Pablo to take my husband out for a special surprise dinner after being messed around by one of the coast’s premier restaurants. As a last minute choice I couldn’t believe a place that had slipped under my radar could be so good.

Boy was I, were we, both pleasantly surprised. Up and running for just a year Pablo Pablo is a Latin eatery and bar in every sense of the words. Rustic décor, bursting at the seams with patrons, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and sensational food and drink. Tucked away down Fifth Avenue in Palm Beach this is a place I want to come back to, bring my friends to, and shout about from the rooftops: “I love Pablo Pablo! And you will too”!

It was only 6 months ago I was complaining to all and sundry about the coast’s need for an authentic tapas place, and here I was, living the dream. Well, someone else’s dream but I was absolutely benefitting too!

With a menu this good we salivated long and hard over what to order. The specials sounded divine and we realised we’d have to return at least another 3 times to work our way through everything we wanted to try. We started with literally melt in your mouth Jamon Iberico Gran Reserva – 24 month old cured ham. I could quite happily have just let a kilo of this delicacy dissolve in my mouth and called it a night. But there was more to try. Chiperones en su Tinta – stuffed squid in ink. Imported from Spain, little old ladies have tinned the most delicious parts of the catch and when eaten with a little bread – delicious! Next came Pescado del dia – fish with baked fennel, tomato, and saffron – exquisite. We kept the palate extravaganza going with Mejillas de Ternera – braised beef cheeks with peas and tomato reduction, and Maiz a la Plancha – grilled corn cob with smoked butter, Manchego and lime. Of course we finished the night with churros dipped in hot chocolate, who doesn’t love them?

We washed these fantastic share plates down with some of the most devilishly indulgent and refreshing cocktails on the coast – I’m not telling what, but will say that the bartender is A-class and you need to get there pronto for an after work bevvy!

With paella and live music on weekends and some great events throughout the year Pablo Pablo is a desperately needed addition to the Gold Coast and makes us catch up just a tiny bit to our hipster trend-setting Melbourne and Sydney cousins. You get an A+ from me! Now, when can I book another table?


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  • Reply January 13, 2014


    Espana at Broadbeach as been serving authentic Spanish tapas for years. It is great. I wonder If the premier restaurant you refer to is the same ones we have had problems with of late. We think they are starting to believe their own press & their service and attitude has become oh so arrogant. Pablo Pablo has been on my must try list, looking forward to it.

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