Home-grown Wallapalooza goes national

One of the Gold Coast’s most popular independent festivals Wallapalooza, will go from Mudgeeraba to five east coast locations this year.

Since launching five years ago it has become one of the most successful and long-running events in Southeast Queensland and in 2015 drew a crowd in excess of 1000 people.  In Mudgeeraba, might I add.

It started with the humble goal of promoting Gold Coast artists to a broader audience but the lineup has grown over time to first include artists from northern NSW, then Brisbane and now the nation.

Festival organiser Andy Clark (pictured) said pressure from other cities was the driving force behind taking the event on the road.

“I think it was a natural evolution with the overwhelming popularity of the gold coast event to take it into other musical communities,” Andy said. “The artists we have performing are each outstanding in their own right, let alone all on one line up.”

“It was important for me to share their talent with as many people as possible,” Andy said.

The festival will hit Byron Bay, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne although the lineup will change based on a series of themes developed specifically for the event and Clarke says each event will feature talent local to that area.

“Each show will have a different theme,” Andy said. “The themes will incorporate difference creative media and props and FX makeup by the team at Killer FX.”

The themes are sirens, dungeons, pirates and dragons. Andy said one of the secrets to the event’s success is variety.

“Dare to be different,” he said. “We are a multi genre event. Variety is the spice of life and people tend to appreciate the change in pace and style rather than one genre or sub-genre being rammed down their throat.”

As with all new initiatives, finance is an issue for Wallapalooza’s new format.

“Going on the road has its costs and the Gold Coast has fantastic support through our major sponsor Jim Beam,” Andy explaind. “We are hoping to expand this relationship to a national level, and we are also looking to develop similar relationships with others to help support the growth and development of Wallapalooza along the East Coast.”

While the Brisbane and Gold Coast shows have some acts playing both locations, there is also a bunch of bands exclusive to each.

“I’d also like to thank everyone for supporting Wallapalooza over the last five years,” Andy said. “I look forward to your continued support in our growth and promotion of original music in Australia. Rock on.”

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Wallapalooza 2015 | get updates here

Friday 5 June | Great Northern Byron Bay, sirens theme featuring five band showcase.  Hammers | Glass Ocean | RedHook | These Four Walls | Massive | Smoking Martha | Hailmary. Free entry.

Saturday 6 June | New Globe Theatre Brisbane, dungeons theme featuring more than 20 acts over three stages. Featuring Walken, Rude Mood, Thundergod of the Multiverse, These Four Walls, Smoking Martha, Red Hook, Azreal, The Black Swamp, Gimpus, Redstarborn, Hail Mary, Mass Sky Raid, Flanellettes, The Royal Artillery, Rogue Scholars, The Molatovs, Swamp Gully Howlers, Andrew Baxter, Andrew Cousins. Tickets $20 + booking fee available online. VIP tickets available. Buy tickets through bands for 10% discount.

Sunday 7 June | Wallaby Hotel Gold Coast, pirates theme with 30 bands over three stages plus free entry. Massive | RedHook | The Wrath | Glass Ocean | These Four Walls | Azreal | Divine Ascension  | Hailmary | Flannelette | Smoking Martha | Mass Sky Raid | Redstarborn | Hammers | The Molotov | The Black Swamp | Versus Fate | Rogue Scholars | Snake Mountain | Swamp Gully Howlers | Gimpus | Loud Goes Bang | Veal | Andrew Cousins | Andrew Baxter | Salt And Steel | Max & Owen. Free entry.

Friday 12 June | Yah Yah’s Melbourne, dragons theme with a six band showcase in the iconic Front Bar. Featuring Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene | Hailmary | RedHook | These Four Walls | Smoking Martha | Flannelette. Free entry.

Sunday 14 June | Frankies by the Slice Sydney, sirens theme with a five band showcase. RedHook | Hailmary | These Four Walls | Smoking Martha | Flannelette. Free entry.

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