Meet the locals appearing in HOTA’s hilarious new show

One of HOTA’s most talked about productions has this week announced its full cast list; filled with real, local people who will unwrap their varied and engaging experiences in life, love and sex in a series of shows this October. In the spirit of ABC’s ‘You Can’t Ask That’, ‘All the Sex I’ve Ever Had’ embodies an upbeat theatrical experience, starring six local seniors who courageously open up about their lives, loves and loss. Designed to provide a heart-warming glimpse into how we live and love, ‘All the Sex I’ve Ever Had’ cuts to the heart of the human need to connect. Aged between 62 and 76 the local cast is a wonderful blend of personalities and experiences, sure to enthral, shock and entertain.

Locals Deidre, self-proclaimed hedonist-in-training (76 years), erotic emailer Rivi (77 years), past naturist, Valerie (69 years), John (70 years) retired Roadie and John Lennon look-alike, Dee (69 years) Australia’s first female cabbie and party animal Barry (the baby at 62 years), will deliver a vivid pastiche of experiences to flavour the Gold Coast shows. We shot the baby, Barry Martin of Lovestreet Studios, a few questions ahead of the event.

What made you keen to participate in All The Sex I’ve Ever Had?

The producer of LoveStreet Recording Studios, Scotty French told me about it as he believed I’d be interested. I saw that the production had been done in Melbourne, Sydney and all over the world. The company Mammalian Diving Reflex looked like they knew what they were doing. I couldn’t help but think I would have a lot of fun…

Can you give us a teaser snippet of one of the stories you’ll be sharing?

There are lots of great moments. One that comes to mind is when I was in in my twenties at my friends Dean and Helen’s engagement party. Claudia turned to me and said ‘I’d like to sleep with you right now.’ We found a a window, and climbed out onto an awning. We missed the photos

Are you setting out to shock, inspire, pass on wisdom, get some laughs, or a combination of all four?

It’s a combination of all those four, plus one. The plus one is that it feels in some ways like a concealing session for me, in that it is an opportunity to look back at life and all that it’s held, not only related to sex but all the things in between.

Do you consider yourself a romantic? If so, why and if not, why not?

The short answer is yes! I’m a sucker for chick flick, I like them all. I mean, I cried in the lion king. Despite my tough exterior, I truly believe I am a romantic at heart. I like doing nice things for my girlfriend, like sending her flowers, but not just a bunch though…Once I called the florist and asked them for a lot of flowers to send. The florist suggested 100 flowers, and I say no way, more like 350! I really like doing things like that.

What is the best thing about sex?

Well, there is really nothing better than having sex with someone you really love.

‘All The Sex I’ve Ever Had’ runs at HOTA from 3 – 5 October. Tickets here.

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