Ironing Maidens press for change with debut EP

Award-winning Australian electronic duo, The Ironing Maidens, are pressing for progress with the release of their debut EP, ‘Electro House Wife’, which puts domestic labour, technology and the history of women in electronic music centre stage.

Ingeniously adapting real irons and ironing boards into electronic instruments, ‘Electro House Wife’ is a homage to house music and call to arms for women featuring 1950s advertising samples, fresh-pressed beats and tongue-in-cheek lyrics with a powerful message – now is the time to strike while the iron’s hot.

“We must keep pressing for progress to have women’s work acknowledged, be it in the studio, the laboratory, in politics or in the kitchen,” said the duo’s singer/ songwriter, Melania Jack.

“We know that women’s work has long gone unacknowledged in electronic music history, it’s why current courses don’t teach the names of electronic music pioneers like Daphne Oram and no credit was given to Delia Derbyshire for making the Doctor Who soundtrack what it is!

“And when you listen to 1950s advertising pushing the concept of ‘women’s work’ and look at our current census data, it is clear that not enough has changed when it comes to the division of domestic labour.

“We wanted to dissect these topics and discuss them in a way that is clear and direct, but at the same time humorous, musically credible and totally danceable.”

From the progressive, Daphne Oram-inspired track ‘Composers of the Future’ to’ Strike While The Iron Is Hot’, an ironic love song for the lusty Westinghouse, The Ironing Maidens’ debut EP provides a powerful contribution to the ongoing conversation on equality, not to mention floor-happy house beats and kooky lead lines with driving 303 style bass patterns reminiscent of early Chicago house.

Set to tour throughout Queensland laundromats this June, The Ironing Maidens immerse audiences in an unexpectedly emotive, highly entertaining show that leaves them feeling empowered and ready to press for progress.

The Ironing Maidens’ regional Queensland tour in support of ‘Electro House Wife’ will kick off at Quickie-mat Laundromat in Kirra beach on Friday 15 June. Tickets at

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