Josh Pyke + Bob Evans: Gold Coast bound

Josh Pyke confirms it’s a unique stage presence that fans can expect when he and Bob Evans co-headline a national tour next month, their first together in a decade.

“Last time we very much did two separate sets. This time, we’re doing two whole sets on stage with each other. So we’ve learnt each other’s songs, top to tail, and we’re accompanying each other for each of the sets. So it’s gonna be quite the singalong for our fans. You’ll love it.”

With laughs punctuating the interview, it’s clear the chemistry between these two, who are both ARIA nominated this year, will be a key feature of the tour. Bob Evans’ latest Car Boot Sale is nominated for Best Adult Contemporary album and we talked about why he picked that name.

“I’ve actually never had a car boot sale. If I had one I’d probably be selling baby toys and kids clothes these days.…”

“It was actually just a working title. It made sense based on the emotional sort of response I was having as I was putting the songs together. The songs just started taking on new meanings for me.”

Whether young or old songs, both musicians have made a habit of crafting some wonderful memories in music, wedded to experiences of the last ten years for many of their fans. Josh was reticent to make the tour sound nostalgic but he reflected on what he thinks it will be like, tongue firmly in cheek to close;

“Tim Freedman (The Whitlams) calls touring “forced leisure time”. It’s true. If you’re on the road you’re having fun. I didn’t become a musician to have a terrible time. So it’ll be great… I love all of Bob’s songs. I love all of my songs. So it’s just gonna be awesome. Unless… he’s been lying to me and he’s turned into a complete asshole over the past decade”

Bob countered swiftly.

“I can neither confirm nor deny that I’m an asshole.”

I think it’s fair to say we’re going be satisfied with their co-headlining gig. It’s 4 December at Soundlounge Currumbin. Not Miami Marketta as previously stated.

Tickets here.

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