Kye Grant brings Williamsburg to the Gold Coast

If you’re a regular at some of the nightclubs around the Gold Coast Area, then you’ve probably been unknowingly listening to one of the GC’s newest and hottest producers, Kye Grant. Starting out in the Clubs in Surfers Paradise, Kye can now be found entertaining at some the biggest and most popular clubs and festivals along the East Coast of Australia, building his fan base one show at a time.

His newest release Williamsburg, is a poppy electronic dance track that is a certain escape from these colder months to something a lot more summery while still having a chill edge that sets it apart from a lot of its competitors. Light synths and warped vocals are littered throughout re-verbed drums and abstract samples. The song is more concerned with details; to have every space filled but not so it’s just something to fill the void but so every piece relates back to another piece. It’s definitely not your average build and drop structure that the EDM world has fallen in love with but It adds something a little more complex so the more you listen, the more you hear.

check out the track here:

If you want to know where Kye’s playing next or when his next track will be dropping, you can like his Facebook page @kyegrantmusic

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