Ladia delivers debut single: Feel The Same

Gold Coast producer Ladia

Recent Griffith Bachelor of Popular Music graduate and Gold Coast producer Eunice Ladia has emerged with a brand new electro-summer jam under new moniker Ladia. With R&B undertones, ‘Feel The Same’ is a sugary pop song with a unique take on electronica. It’s crammed full of wistful lyrics, at once sweet and sassy.

Eunice says the song reflects her own situation.

“This song is about when you’re in a relationship and they tell you they love you and you realise you don’t love them back,” she said. “It happened to me in real life.”

“It’s meant to celebrate yourself and be unapologetic for the way that you feel.”

Brimming with quiet confidence, this young starlet appears to be in her element on her up-tempo first release, which is polished and professional and while full of sugar and light, contains just enough heartbreak to be interesting.

Co-written and produced by fellow Aussie star MDWS, Ladia opens up her heart and unveils a little bit of her soul in this debut collaboration.

“This song was prophetic for me. I had the main lyrics ‘I don’t feel the same way’ stuck in my head for weeks,” Eunice said.

“I was in a relationship at the time and mid-way through writing the track I had come to the realisation that the product was a manifestation of how I actually felt at the time.”

Ladia is thankful for her time at Griffith University completing the Bachelor of Popular Music program.

“My experience,” she said… “to put it simply, was like a simulation of the music industry.”

“It has taught me a multitude of different things, but there are two main lessons that I have taken away from my degree.”

“One is the importance of networking and collaborating with others. This has taught me that every single person has something to offer and I believe that this extends far beyond music too. The second is working with the tools that you have in front of you. We were taught that by limiting yourself to the tools you have, it forces your mind to work creatively and in turn produces more creative outcomes.”

Ladia’s new single ‘Feel The Same’ is out now. Take a listen:

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