LISTEN: First track off Katie Who’s EP

Katie Who was beside herself when she won the Battle of the Buskers as part of Buskers by the Creek 2014, but her journey is far from over. Indeed, the prize package offered to Katie has been the catalyst for many great things – including a new EP, which she launches this weekend.

Katie said she was feeling “ridiculously excited” for the launch.

“I can’t wait to have so many loved ones and supporters in one room. I am pumped to do my first headlining show, and to also have a few songs with other musicians joining me on stage,” Katie said.

She says ticket sales are going well and that there are only 45 tickets left for the EP launch which happens at The Dust Temple this Saturday 18 April. Katie said the Dust Temple was the perfect venue for the launch.

“It’s such an intimate and creative space, so all good vibes will bounce off each other and it will feel magical.”

If you’ve been to music at the Dust Temple before you need to be warned that Katie will actually be using a space which has not yet been used for a gig.

“I’m looking forward to making it come alive, along with the help of the behind the scenes team,” she said. “The Dust Temple have gone above and beyond in support of this event. For a start they are clearing out all of the lounges and large art from the space I want to use. They support local music, and have set no limits to my imagination so I can feel anything is possible in this set up.”

Listen to Katie’s first track off brand new EP Who is She?

Katie went on to talk about the impact that winning Battle of the Buskers has had on her life and career. She said the win “was one of those life changing moments.” And felt like she was frozen in time when the announcemet was made.

“I knew that those prizes were everything I needed to get my career off the ground. It made getting my EP together very affordable. Saved me a couple of thousand dollars really. It also felt like I was being rewarded for all the hard work I had (and continue to) put in,” Katie said.

“Cindy has started an amazing event, and I am looking forward to this year’s. I encourage all music lovers to be a part of Buskers by the Creek. It really is all about the music and creative expression.”

As we were finalising our conversation, Katie got more good news. She found out she’s currently ranked third in an online competition to score a support slot for a Baby Animals and Superjesus gig.

“I genuinely have butterflies in my stomach,” Katie said, at the news. “There is so much to be excited about that my insides are doing back flips!”

She said winning the support slot would mean playing at one of her favourite venues in Brisbane, (The Tivoli) and supporting two amazing Aussie bands.

“It would be a soulful confirmation that I have done the best I can do, and how much I have evolved as a person and an artist at this early stage in my full time music career, she said. “It will give me a taste of playing at that level. I want to show all of the artists that I do and don’t know, that if you really put your heart and soul into something, then magic is possible and you can achieve great things.”

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Katie Who launches her EP Who is she? this Saturday 18 April at The Dust Temple Currumbin. Tickets are available at the door.

You can vote for Katie in the She Who Rocks competition here.

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