LIVE GALLERY: The Tongue @ Miami Shark Bar, 27.02.16

It’s hard not to expect the very best when an artist is signed to Elefant Traks and The Tongue didn’t disappoint.

The Hard Feelings tour to support the release of his latest album has been hitting most regular gig spots along the east coast of Oz.

Enlisting the help of local turntable masters, Frank St, as the opening act was a step in the right direction.

The turntable skills Frank St lay down can only be described as amazing and I can’t wait to see where Johnny Love goes with this new project.

Harrynaps is a Murwillumbah kid doing it for himself with the release of his first album Ya can’t tell em launching Harrynaps into the limelight.

Supported by Chirp family members DJ Andy Cap, Batesy & Moad, Harrynaps is a handful on stage delivering a distinguished vocal journey with an unmistaken local vibe to his rhythmical flows.

To be honest the crowd numbers were low due to a bunch of other conflicting gigs that night but no-one let that get in the way of a solid night of Australian hip hop and of course good times.

Immense thanks to Leigh Kelly for this gallery.

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