Live Review: Band of Skulls, The Triffid, Wednesday 30th November 2016

Put simply, Band of Skulls smashed the gig at Brisbane’s Triffid on Wednesday night. You wouldn’t have known it was the last stop on their epic tour supporting their latest album released in May, By Default.

From the opening track, In Love By Default, singer/guitar player Russell Marsden grabbed the crowd and swept them up for the whole ride. What a ride it was, the Southampton indie rock band delivered their blues influenced scuzzy rock sound with great energy and yet brought slower songs, Cold Fame and Honest, mid-set. The shift in the crowd was tangible as drummer Matt Hayward picked up the acoustic guitar and singer/bassist Emma Richardson stepped up to the mic for Honest. A beautiful moment showing the diversity of the band in an otherwise thumping guitar heavy gig.

The more mellow mood was quickly blown away by Bruises, Hoochie Coochie and The Devil Takes Care of His Own. The crowd then lost it as Russell called out, ‘it’s the last song so let’s fucking have it!’, launching into Diamonds and Pearls.

A two song encore finalised the gig and the tour. All punters left sweaty and happy, I left needing to add more Band of Skulls to my collection.

IMAGES (c) Leisen Standen Photography

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