LIVE REVIEW: Von Villains @ elsewhere, 01.04.2016

Von Villains are quickly becoming one of the GC’s most adored bands. By crushing together their distinctly Aussie sound with the style and rhythm of their spiritual predecessors like the Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, the boys have definitely found their groove. This is super evident with their latest single, ‘Losing My Mind’, which they launched at Elsewhere on Saturday.

Playing to a packed dancefloor, the boys opened with a few of their classics like ‘Whisper’ and ‘Deadly Affair’. The local crowd had a field day with the classics – bouncing around and slamming into each other in the makeshift moshpit.

On stage, the boys were dressed to impress. In what I can only wish was an ironic statement, they wore black turtleneck sweaters with heavy gold chains hanging around their necks. Looking like a bunch of 70s porn stars, the boys trundled ahead into the set – every song hyping the eager crowd up more and more.

When they reached the raging chorus of the new single, ‘Losing My Mind’, the crowd went nuts; slamming into each other, jumping everywhere, invading the stage, and pushing around poor reviewers like myself. The band’s energy was so positive and casual – it was great to see them really loving what they’re doing.

Australian music, in particular music on the GC, is always so much fun to see live. It’s great to see the bands and crowds still loving live music and going out to gigs. Von Villains are definitely going places – and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear ‘Losing My Mind’ in the 2016 Hottest 100; it’s a tune and a half.

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