Loose Leaf release debut EP ‘Frames’. Take a listen.

Loose Leaf, from the Gold Coast

It’s been an interesting journey for Rory Switzer, since he quit his day job to focus on music. His new project Loose Leaf celebrates its debut EP release today and there’s a couple of sweet gigs on the horizon; not least of which is a little house party.

For those catching up, Rory was previously drummer for much-loved outfit Yes Sir Noceur. The motivation for taking a break is a little boring.

I wish I had something more scandalous for you, but the fact is that the band hasn’t called it quits; we’ve just been on sabbatical.

“All of us still hang out and play music together, I mean three out of the four of us still live together. We’re just taking a break from shows and recording new material for the moment,” Rory told us in a prior interview.

Loose Leaf sees Rory step out from behind the drumkit to take on the role of singer and frontman. He wields a mean guitar as well.

The new EP ‘Frames’ which is out today is the brainchild of Rory. He composed and recorded the EP before actually pulling together the band, which includes members from other local projects such as Lotus Ship and Nine Sons of Dan.

While only performing together since March 2018, as Loose Leaf these guys have already supported Bootleg Rascal, The Choirboys and Last Dinosaurs and the EP’s first three signals have had airplay in Canada as well as Australia.

Rory told us earlier this year about his fellow bandmates.

Loose Leaf EP Frames, new music from the Gold Coast

Loose Leaf EP Frames, new music from the Gold Coast

“Loose Leaf was meticulously put together after running candidates through a series of challenges not dissimilar to what the Navy Seals are put through in ‘hell week’,” he said.

“The band comprises of: Luke Johnson/Drums, Ondre Davis/Guitar and yours truly on Vocals/Guitar, with a rotating bassist. You have to be able to hold your breath under water for a minimum of three minutes whilst playing your given instrument in order to join Loose Leaf, and bassists are infamously known for being short-breathed.”

Take a listen to the EP here and if you like what you hear, perhaps pop in to the release celebration tonight at Nobby’s. You can also catch Loose Leaf at A Set Adrift in January, but you might wanna hustle if you want to jump onboard that yacht. Like literally, it’s a gig on a yacht.

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Loose Leaf’s new EP ‘Frames‘ is out today. Catch them live at Nobby’s Beach, Friday 30 November and at A Set Adrift on Sunday 6 January.

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